Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Is This Thing On?

<tap> <tap> <tap>

****blowing off dust****

Is this thing on?

It's been almost two months since I last wrote or published anything on here. Lately, Hubby has been bugging encouraging me to start writing again. So tonight I decided to open this thing up, wiggle my fingers some to warm them up, and get going again.

This morning's reading for Community Bible Study was reviewing last week's lesson in Exodus (15-17). The Isrealites had made it out of Egypt and through the Red Sea. In our lesson last week they were following God through the desert and complaining about being hungry and thirsty. God provided for them each time. Then they were attacked and had a battle with the Amalekites (exodus 17). When the battle was over, God told Moses to write it down so it would always be remembered.

In the commentary was a small section that talked about how God wants us to remember His faithfulness. It asked the question, "Which of these - journals, keepsakes, special days - might you use to help you and the generations that come after you remember God's goodness to you?"
I thought of this blog. I write about just regular stuff we do and I write about my relationship with God. Maybe my grandchildren will read this some day and they can know about God's faithfulness in their Grammy's life. I would love to read a journal of my grandmothers' or even my  mother's.

I'm gonna attempt a daily post in November and list things that I am thankful for. Because what better month to do that in than November?

So here I go...

Thankful for...

...my 10.5 year old, 209,000 miles car that's running again after three days in the shop
...my God who is always faithful and always provides, even when I grumble and complain
...wearing flip-flops on November 1st
...my granddaughter and my grandson (I'm sure this will be a recurring theme)

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