Monday, November 21, 2016


Okay, okay back to my thankful stuff...

I spent last Friday (all day) and Saturday morning intensely playing with my sweet little girl. We had so much fun together. We played with PlayDoh, read books, read books, read books, sang songs, looked at pictures on my phone, played a game on my phone, played with the puppy, had snacks...

Saturday I flew back home, not getting back to South Carolina until almost 11:30pm. Hubby picked me up at the airport and even brought me some iced tea to drink on the way home. It hit the spot! True love.

Hubby and I had planned to take this week off and spend it together. We took quite a while trying to decide where we wanted to go. There are so many places within driving distance to choose from! Some friends had offered us use of their mountain cabin and we thought that sounded just blissful! Thanksgiving week in the Blue Ridge Mountains! But then wildfires in the mountains started looking worse and worse, even smokiness in the air where we live. We decided to cancel our plans for the mountains and start thinking about Plan B. My goal for the week was lots of nothing to do, so a touristy place just didn't sit right. I texted my sister to see if their beach house was available thinking it was likely not. 

It was available! 

It's nice and quiet here. Just what we wanted. 

Right before the sun set tonight, I stepped outside to look at the ocean and snapped a few pictures. The light was just right.


Today's activities included grocery shopping, wandering through an antique store and exploring the wonders of Netflix. (Yep, we're one of those people who don't have Netflix.) Perfect day.

Today I am thankful for... and videos of Lydia to share with Hubby and to remind me of our sweet time together
...sounds of the ocean chatting with our son (yesterday) and watching our 7 week old grandson working so hard on tummy-time and holding his head up
...lots of sleep
...time alone with Hubby

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