Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Election Day

No worries, I'm not talking about an candidates here. You're welcome.

I voted this morning. Then chose to not pay attention to any news coverage. Hubby and I went to a movie tonight and didn't watch TV. I'll find out tomorrow. And no matter the results, God is still God and Jesus is still on the throne and I will still spend eternity with Him.

My son write this on Facebook yesterday. He nailed it.

We are all Americans. Behave like it tomorrow and vote. And afterwards, we are STILL all Americans. After the surrender at Appomattox: "As Lee left the house and rode away, Grant's men began cheering in celebration, but Grant ordered an immediate stop. 'I at once sent word, however, to have it stopped,' he said. 'The Confederates were now our countrymen, and we did not want to exult over their downfall,' he said.
Jesus still reigns. The sun still rises. Your brother is still your brother. We all still need grace.

 Today I am thankful for...

...being able to make up my own mind and vote for that person
...the privilege to live in this country
...a movie date with Hubby (we were the only people in the theater!)
...a sweet picture of my 5 week old grandson smiling (it melted my heart!)

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