Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Thanksgiving Eve

Today was a hang around the beach house day. Well, almost. We took a drive to the end of the island and walked on the beach for a while and I picked up as many shells as my hands could hold. They are washed off and drying in the kitchen and will get added to a dish of shells I have at home.

I sat outside on the deck and read for a while and listened to the waves.

Yes, I was reading about quilting. I'm a nerd.

We watched some more Netflix stuff.

I made a cherry pie for our Thanksgiving dinner. I couldn't find a rolling pin (I mean, people who come here to hang out at the beach don't make pies??), so I improvised by using a glass. I am not sure how it turned out, probably a bit thick and not Blue Ribbon at the 4-H Fair worthy. Sorry, Mom. But I bet it will taste yummy.

Also, I feel the need to confess my feelings of betrayal regarding the pie crust recipe. My whole life-long I have used my maternal grandmother's recipe. Until a couple of months ago. For some reason, that I will probably never fully understand, I tried my daughter's mother-in-law's pie crust recipe. (She owns and is the chief cook at a lovely tea room restaurant and makes the most delicious pies.) Here's where my feelings of betrayal come in ..... I like her pie crust recipe better than my grandma's. (Typed with a cringing look on my face.) Sorry, Grandma.

Today I am thankful for...

...the quietness of the beach (not packed like in the summer)
...a phone call from my sweet sister-in-law
...the sound of the waves
...the stars in the night sky daughter

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