Tuesday, May 31, 2016

The Long Weekend Recap

I love a long weekend. This one was very welcome since Hubby had been out of town earlier last week for four days. When he is gone I usually get to the point that I don't know what to do with myself and can't wait for him to get home. I think that after almost 32 years of marriage, that is a very good thing.

Friday night we started off on a good foot. We went out for BBQ at a place we kind of stumbled upon. I really, really like the ribs. I am, however, thankful that it's a 25 minute drive away or else I would want to go there more often.

We debated about spending the weekend up in the mountains, but opted for a day trip instead. Saturday morning we hit the road heading towards the mountains of North Carolina. I had read in a quilting magazine about a quilt shop in a town called Franklin and the town sounded like a cute town with fun shops to explore.

As we were making our way through a small South Carolina town, Hubby all of a sudden pulled the car over and said there was a police car behind him with the lights flashing. He thought the police car would go on by, but it stopped behind us.


Turns out we didn't see the 35mph speed limit sign and the police Chief clocked us going 50mph.


Back story::: Hubby tends to get pulled over for speeding every couple of years. He's not a crazy fast driver by any means, but neither of us can remember the last time he actually got a speeding ticket. He seems to only get a warning and more often, just a verbal warning.

So, back to Saturday morning.... the Chief of Police stopped us because Hubby was going 50mph in a 35mph.....as the policeman was checking things out I told Hubby there was no was he was getting anything less than a speeding ticket and I was wondering how much it was going to be when the chief came back and handed Hubby a ...... WARNING!!!!! I tried my hardest to wait until the policeman was back to his car before I burst out laughing! Of course my next move was to text the kids. They just shake their heads in amazement and think their dad is the luckiest person when it comes to speeding tickets. 

Back on the road....we arrived in Franklin and found an interesting restaurant for late lunch. The restaurant was attached to a gas station. The ambiance of the restaurant was quite nice and more than we expected given the location. The food was very good, too.

As we were waiting for our food, I looked up the quilt shop I was wanting to go to on my  phone to pull up the directions and saw that the shop had closed 45 minutes earlier! Phooey. I should have investigated this before we took off on our road trip. Oh well. The town of Franklin turned out to be a disappointment.

We decided to head back towards home, but stop at antique stores and farmer's markets along the way.

We found lots of yummy produce at the farmer's markets. We came home with strawberries, cucumbers a watermelon and lots of peaches (my favorite).

We stopped at an interesting store that had lots and lots and lots of architectural pieces. Think piles of table legs, piles of brackets, stacks of doors and windows, etc.  I have be wanting an interesting window to hang in our bedroom. Just look at what I found! I was excited that it is not just rectangular.

We also found some brackets and a basket.

Even though our initial purpose for our road trip was a total bomb, we ended up having a really good day together.

Sunday was a low-key day with church in the morning, lunch at a bagel place and a quiet afternoon at home. Sunday night we watched a movie I had saved on the DVR. Neither one of us had ever seen Dirty Dancing. When I saw that it was released in 1987 I knew why. That was the year our son was born. I doubt we saw any movies that year. But now that we have finally seen it, I feel like we are part of the 80s. ha. ha.

Monday evening we went downtown Greenville and hung out in a beautiful park by the river. Supper was at a really good burger place that was new to us. As we were paying our bill I got a text from our daughter wanting to know if we wanted to Skype. My answer to that text is always YES!

I think this Skype session was the most that Lydia (14.5 months old) has interacted with us. We had so much fun! We sing You Are My Sunshine to her every time we Skype and try to sing it to her when we see her in person. We hope she starts to make the connection that we are the same people she sees on her mommy's phone. The last couple of times we sang to her, Lydia smiled and did her cute baby wiggle-her-bottom-and-stomp-her-feet-dance. We also got a wave good-bye and a kiss blown to us.

It was a perfect ending to a good long weekend.

Oh, and one more thing.

Last week when Hubby was gone I tackled this job:

What are all those things hanging on the drying rack? Neckties. 199 neckties. (I think the total number of neckties was close to 210. Hubby kept a couple for himself, and I threw out a couple of knit ties and some horribly ugly ones that I knew I wouldn't be able to make myself use.) These all belonged to my dad. I spent a couple of days taking them apart, removing the interfacing and lining. I washed them all (in the washing machine) and hung them up to air dry. I hope to make a quilt or two with these someday. Probably a table runner or a wall hanging.

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  1. I'm glad that you were able to make your day trip a success in spite of your initial plans not working out like planned. I can't wait to see what you do with those ties.