Monday, February 9, 2015

Four Corner Jelly Roll Quilt

For some reason my laptop (where all my quilt pictures are) won't recognize the wi-fi in this lovely apartment, so I resorted to my tablet and was able to upload from Facebook one picture of this quilt. There are more on my computer, but sadly, technology isn't my friend tonight.

I found the pattern/directions for this quilt some where on Pinterest several years ago. It took me a while to look through my 489 pins (I might be slightly obsessed with quilting...) on my Quilts Board, but I finally found the link to the blog I got the instructions from. Click over to here for the directions.

(The term Jelly Roll refers to the precut fabric strip that are 2.5" by width-of-fabric. There are about 42 strips that are rolled up and I guess it looks like a jelly roll.) (I'm sure that's clear as mud....)

The directions were very clear and this quilt went together very quickly. I added the borders, but I am not overly thrilled how they turned out. I like the idea of the pieced borders, but it might look more balanced if they were longer. I used a charm pack (5 inch squares) and cut them in half. I guess by trying out new things helps me learn what works and what doesn't. No matter how pleased I am with the borders, I love the fabrics and it's a snuggly quilt!


  1. Love those fabrics ... but then I love blue! I like this quilt, too. I like the pieced border but like you, I think they should have been a little longer ... not a lot but definitely a little longer.

  2. How pretty, Judy! I would give anything to know how to grandmother quilted by hand and made the most gorgeous masterpieces.