Wednesday, February 25, 2015

An Award Winning Hodgepodge Edition

Well, it seems as though I forgot about the blogging this past week. Oops. So here goes another edition of the Wednesday Hodgepodge.
1. Did you watch The Oscars? How many of the Best Picture nominees have you seen? (American Sniper, Birdman, Boyhood, Selma, The Grand Budapest Hotel, The Imitation Game, The Theory of Everything, and Whiplash)
I watched only the last hour or so of the Oscars. I was busy that night talking to my son on the phone, watching The Great British Bake off and of course I was very engrossed in Downton Abbey
I have seen The Grand Budapest Hotel and Selma. I loved Selma, but thought The Grand Budapest Hotel was strange.
Do you think actors should use their acceptance speeches as an opportunity to promote their political and/or social agenda?
No, I don't think the Oscars is not the place for an actor to promote their own agenda. It's an award show for movies, people!
Does that sort of speech make you more or less inclined to change the channel? 
It would probably make me mute the TV while they are speaking. That mute button is a wonderful thing.

2. Speaking of the movies... are you comfortable going to a movie alone? How about dinner in a restaurant (not fast food, but an actual restaurant)? The second half of this question was posed by Carrie who blogs over at It's Not Easy Being Queen. Thanks Carrie! 
I have gone to countless movies alone and it doesn't bother me at all. When my kids were little I saved my sanity by leaving the kids with dear Hubby and spending an evening out by myself. I would go shopping, see a movie and even eat out at a restaurant by  myself.  I haven't had a lot of friends in the last few years, so I will often eat lunch out by myself. I always make sure to have a book with me. :)
3. What's the last home repair or home improvement project you had to pay someone to complete? In hindsight was this a project you could have done yourself? 
I think the last time we hired someone to do a home repair was for the ice maker in our refrigerator. Totally worth it since neither of us have a clue how to do that. It will be interesting to see if we hire people to do home improvement projects in our new house. Over the years we have learned what we are capable of and what we just don't want to do. Would hiring someone to clean the house fall under the "home improvement" category? That is a dream of mine!
4. Have you ever had Indian food? Like it or no? If you're a fan, what's your favorite dish? Have you ever prepared this yourself at home? Is there an Indian restaurant in your current hometown? 
Yes, I've had Indian food. I like some of it. I'm not a huge fan of curry. My daughter made an Indian dish recently that I really liked. I can't remember the name of it, unfortunately. (Chicken Tikka Masala, maybe?) She also made my favorite Indian food -- Naan Bread! Yum!!! 
I haven't fixed Indian food at home. Maybe I need to branch out more in my cooking. I could at least make Naan Bread. :)
I'm sure there are many Indian restaurants here in our new town. We've been having fun checking out lots of new restaurants but haven't hit up an Indian one, yet.
5. A song that reminds you of your parents? 
I had to quickly message my sister to ask her the name since it was escaping me. 
Two years ago my parents took all four of us kids and our spouses on a wonderful cruise to celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary. It was such a God-blessed week we all spent together. My mom had a terrible stroke only 5 months after the cruise. 
Anyway, all ten of us crammed into my parents' cabin to give them cards and gifts and to talk and to sing a hymn sung at their wedding: Savior Like a Shepherd Lead Us. I remember thinking that night how faithful God has been to them as they sought for Jesus to lead them and their family from the beginning of their marriage.

6. The 26th of February is National Tell A Fairy Tale Day. What's your favorite, or one of your favorite, fairy tales? Do you have any childhood memories associated with a particular fairy tale? 
I remember for my 10th birthday getting a record (yes, an LP record) of The Three Little Pigs. (Is that a fairy Tale? I guess I don't know what qualifies a Fairy Tale)  Anyway, I just remember playing it over and over on a little record player we had.  I don't think I would say it's my favorite Fairy Tale, but I remember how much liked being able to listen to it when I wanted and that it was mine. That's a big deal when you are the youngest of four. I remember listening to the record and eating some peanuts in the shell from my very own bag that some friends of the family gave me for my birthday.
That was bonus information since question was about Fairy Tales. You're welcome.
7. What's a problem you solved yesterday? 
Yesterday I was hunting for a hair salon that sells Aqauge Uplifting Foam, but not hang any luck. So my solution was to come home and order it on Amazon. The downside is I will have a few days of not using that amazing mousse that helps me along the paths of big southern hair, but at least I will get it next week. I'll just have to experiment with what products I have on hand until then.
8. Insert your own random thought here.
Last Saturday we wandered around town a good part of the day looking at furniture stores and appliance stores. We bought a washer and dryer, looked at a bazillion refrigerators and ordered a round table and four chairs for our breakfast room. I'm excited to see the table and chairs (in 10 weeks). We realized this is only the second table we have bought in our 30 years of marriage.
The whole refrigerator hunt is not going well. Consumer Reports rated Samsung as a good brand. A friend who works for a repair place said they are very hard to work on and not many people do. Grr. Then there's the whole debate of Side-By-Side compared to French Door. I had almost convinced myself that French Door was the way to go until I realized that most of them are probably too tall for the space in the new house. Any advice internets?


  1. I want a French Door refrigerator so bad that I'm tempted to replace our current (working just fine) refrigerator just to get one. But I haven't found one yet that will fit our space. So I use the side-by-side we bought when we moved into this house 6 1/2 years ago. If/when we replace that refrigerator, I'll probably compromise with a bottom freezer refrigerator ... the side-by-side freezer space is just so narrow that it's almost unusable.

    I've been pondering hiring someone to give our house a good spring cleaning - particularly doing the windows and blinds. I am not sure how to find someone who'll do a good job, though.

  2. We bought a Frigidaire when we moved into our house 10 years ago, and it's still going strong. I think it's the best one we've ever had. It's a side-by-side, but I think I want a French Door next time.

  3. I have a French Door frig and like it okay. It's not all that big because the way the space is designed in our kitchen there's a bit of a lip, so the larger one didn't fit. I think I'd love it if I could have the next size up. I do like the width of the freezer a side by side you really can't fit a long casserole dish. There's a pretty good Indian restaurant downtown on's called Handi.

  4. We used to have a side by side. I loved it, and was sad when we had to leave it behind when we moved.

  5. I've had side by sides and also french door fridges. For me, I LOVE my french door. So much more room. I will never own another side by side. Good luck on your hunt.

  6. Haha. I loved the extra info to the fairy tale question. :-) and thoroughly enjoyed your post!!

  7. Ours is a Frigidaire side-by-side...never had the first issue with it and it's almost 10 yrs. old.

  8. We recently remodeled our kitchen, and I was able to choose the fridge I wanted (Maytag French door, freezer on the bottom) and then design the rest of the cupboards around it. I love the French doors, and the ice dispenser. Pay attention to the features you want, and try to find a size that fits the area. Lots of different measurements to consider! I'm also fortunate to have the old fridge in the basement for extra space.