Saturday, January 31, 2015

This Last Week of January

The big adventure for me this week was to find a salon for my poor hair. As my son says, it's not just getting my hair colored, it's denying my age. I'm good with that.

I wasn't overly impressed with the salon. I got the grays covered up, which is a wonderful thing, but the appointment took 2 hours and 40 minutes. That's a looooong time. The stylist that did my hair didn't ask me at all about how I liked to style my hair. He blew it dry straight. And by straight, I mean STRAIGHT and FLAT. It reminded me of that episode of Seinfeld where the shower-heads in Jerry and Kramer's apartment building were all changed to the water-conserving low-flow shower-heads. I found this picture of Kramer and Newman with flat hair caused by the low-flow shower-heads.

That is what I felt like after leaving the salon. It looked ridiculous. I passed up dinner out with my hubby that evening because I looked so ridiculous. I was relieved to wash my hair and style it with some curl and height. Ha ha.

Changing subjects...

Wednesday night we went to see Wicked here. Here. In the town we live. This is a huge deal because we have had to drive an hour or two or more in the past to see something like that. Pretty exciting to be able to see shows right here.

We had seen Wicked in Chicago four years ago, but it is worth seeing again. The music is great, the costumes are fabulous and the story line is just great. I had forgotten how it ended and it was fun to be surprised all over again. I just don't look at the whole Wizard of Oz story the same. I wonder what L. Frank Baum would think of it.

When I was growing up we watched The Wizard of Oz every year on television. Every year my dad would come running down down the stairs and yelling the second the flying monkeys appeared and would scare us every single time. I have decided that the "live" flying monkeys are creepier than the ones on television. I had flashbacks to my dad running down the stairs to scare us. It's a good childhood memory. :)

Changing subjects...again...

We've put an offer in on a house and after haggling back and forth for several days, we have finally agreed on a price. Next week is the house inspection. After that I think I can feel more like we actually have a house.

Changing subjects...once more...

Saturday we ventured off on a little road trip. We went to a little town west of here to explore an antique store. The store was interesting, the town, not so much. It was fun to do a little exploring and see a little more of the state.

After we got back home, we went out for some yummy pizza and spent the evening watching Fried Green Tomatoes.

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  1. The Wizard of Oz ... every time I think of that movie, I'm reminded of the year we watched it and my little sister cried when the witch melted. When we're together and that movie somehow comes up, we always tease her about it.