Sunday, January 25, 2015

A Sunday Evening In My Jammies.

The jammies went on tonight before 7pm. Seemed an appropriate end to the week.

We wrapped up looking at houses (I hope) this week with a grand total of 28 houses looked at. Good grief, that's a lot of houses. We looked at so many in part because we were trying to figure out what area of the city seemed like the best area for us. Once we narrowed that down we went back to look at four of the houses for a second time and then threw in a new one just for fun. Ha. We've got an offer on a house in the process. I'm really not very anxious about it. God can work mightily and if He wants us in that house in that neighborhood, then it will work out. If not, then we'll keep looking.

Early in the week I received an email from my dad that made being halfway across the country from the family hard. My mom (who had a stroke almost 18 months ago) had been experiencing headaches and Dad was worried. He ended up taking her to the ER on Friday and she spent the weekend in the hospital. After some tests and adjustments to her meds, she is back home. I was relieved that it doesn't appear to be anything more serious. My dad takes amazing care of my mom. They've been married for almost 62 years.

We were encouraged with the church hunting this week. The previous two weeks were quite discouraging. The church we went to this morning would be a bit of a haul from the house we hope to buy (25 minutes), but could be worth it.

Lately, Sunday nights have been filled with watching public television. I've been enjoying some new (to me) shows. One our daughter introduced us to called "A Chef's Life" it is about a chef in eastern North Carolina and how she learns about and uses local seasonal foods in her restaurant. The other show is "The Great British Baking Show", a baking competition. I just told hubby that I think I'm a pretty good cook, but when I watch shows like that I realize there is so much about food and cooking I have no idea about.

Speaking of cooking, Hubby gave me an electric pressure cooker for my birthday. The only thing I've made in it so far is rice, but it cooked in 10 minutes and that alone sold me on it! I hope to figure out some recipes to try soon. Pinterest seems to have a few floating around out there.

And now it's time for "Downton Abbey".



  1. Good luck on the house search ... praying that your offer will be accepted.

    We're looking for a new church home ... we visited church #1 for the second time yesterday. It's so very convenient to our house, but we're just not sure it's "the one". We'll give it a few more chances before we try church #2.

  2. "The Great British Baking Show" has won me over, too! I find it fascinating to watch! Hope your house hunting is about to wrap up...that can be so exhausting. Great news about your mom! Hope she continues to do well.