Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Moving On...

Time to start blogging again.

I took a year off of blogging. (If there is a reader who is interested in my other blog, Just Enough Light, where I wrote for six years, click over to here to read to your heart's content.) 2014 was a very tough year and I was not sad to say goodbye to it.

Time to move on.

We have moved from Minnesota to South Carolina. (I've been here for a whole week now!)  New job, new state, new region of the country, new house (eventually). All that newness just calls for a new blog.

I want this blog to document our time here in the Southeast. This is a big move for this Midwest girl. True, I lived in Singapore for three years, but other than that I have lived in the Midwest. I expect there to be some fun/interesting things to observe. Take for instance, my visit to the grocery store yesterday. I saw bags of greens: mustard greens, collard greens, turnip greens. Not your typical Midwest fare. I smiled to myself because I have NO idea what to do with greens.


Let's talk about the title of this blog. Ampersand. Several years ago, I gave my hubby a large, metal ampersand and hung it on the wall in our bedroom. I told him it was to remind us that from now on it was just him & me & God. We were in the beginning stages of the Empty Nest. Our kids were married and now it was just us. This blog is about our lives & our adventures & my relationship with God & my hobby of quilting & our kids & the new grand-baby about to be born & whatever else come to mind.

Like how moving across the country takes time to find my place, time to have a rhythm to life, and lots of changes, I expect this blog to morph and change over time.

So... here I go off on a new adventure!


  1. Well, you are in one of my most favorite cities, so I'm happy to follow along. You can cook greens like you would spinach or kale. Greens are greens : ) Happy new home!

  2. Love the ampersand on the wall. That's a really nice gift. May your SC adventure be rich. May you see God's hand and His good purposes at every turn.

  3. As one midwest gal now living in the south to another...it has its charms. Especially during the winter. But good sweet corn is hard to come by. :-)

  4. I'll enjoy reading about your new adventures Judy. If this is comment #2 - sorry. Google is acting up :)

  5. I'm excited to read about your new adventure! SC is a state I've never visited, and I hope to someday. May God bless you with a smooth transition!

  6. I lived in SC for 9 years (Rock Hill). There are things I miss about it (like going to Charleston or Hilton Head for a long weekend!), but there are things that I don't. As in the humidity! :)
    Don't feel bad about not knowing what to do with greens...I'm a southern girl and have no appetite for greens!
    Have you seen the pigs feet??? :) Welcome to the South!