Tuesday, March 28, 2017

A Two Year Old

Then there was this beautiful two year old little girl I get to call my granddaughter.  It's the best, I tell ya, the best!

Lydia's birthday was a couple of weeks ago and Hubby and I made a quick trip back to Iowa to help celebrate. She and her baby sister are so much fun to be around! I just can't get enough.

Hubby and I picked 'Grammy' and 'Pops' for our names as grandparents. Currently this two year old calls us 'Dammy' and 'Pots' and it's the most adorable-heart-melting thing I have ever heard. 

 Sometimes when Lydia is sitting on my lap she will turn to look at me, put her hand on my arm and say, "Oh, Dammy!" Melts me into a puddle very time.

Then there's this sweet Annabelle who looks so much like her mommy. Melts my heart. Yes, I am a hot mess around these two sweeties!

My daughter planned an adorable Winnie-the-Pooh themed party. That little two year old loves 'Winna-na-Pooh'! Just look at all the fun food....

I loved the cupcakes! So cute! Megan did such a wonderful job with these!

Cupcakes on your birthday are the best!

The balloons were by far the biggest hit of the birthday party. Lydia played with them for days. It was a little sad when the red balloon floated to the ceiling. She thought Daddy could help her reach it. A L M O S T  T H E R E..... She is a determined little girl.

To give her parents a little break and to spend some Grammy and Pops and Lydia time, we took her down stairs to our room and snuggled on our bed to watch (what else?) Winnie-the-Pooh on my tablet.

This post needs just one more picture of sweet Annabelle. Love that sweetie so much! Pops had the magic touch this time.

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