Friday, December 2, 2016

Friday? What?

How in the world did it get to be Friday already? Last night I had to remind myself over and over that it was Thursday and the week was almost over. What the heck did I do all week that made it fly by so fast? Not sure I really know. I do know that I actually wrote to-do lists for myself. When I do that I know that I have a lot on my mind and a lot I want to do, even if some of those things are to shop for new pair of jeans and get a pedicure. Hey, these things are important! After all, look how cute my pedicure is....

(Yes, I have short, stubby toes. They are exactly like my parents'. My mom always said I never had much of a chance for long fingers and toes.)

Earlier this week we got a lot of rain here in the Upstate of South Carolina. It hadn't rained since early August. (Except a bit of a sprinkle here and there.) The rain helped the wildfires in the mountains. With the rain came a tornado in our town. Yep. I was out (getting that cute pedicure) when it went through. The next day I went out to run some errands and saw this about a mile from our house:

My impression is that those trees were covering the road the night before. Reports are that the tornado touched down a mile to a mile and a half from our house. Yikes! When I saw these downed trees, I got tears in my eyes and thanked God for protecting us and our property. (Hubby had to take shelter at the plant. I stayed at the nail salon while the worst seemed to pass by and stayed away from the glass store front.)

A couple of things I have on my to-do list for today is to mail some letters and drag out a few Christmas decorations. Oh, and there's the load of laundry in the dryer. I think it's done and I should probably fold it before it's a wrinkled mess. Probably.

We video chatted with our daughter last night. She's 39 weeks pregnant and ready to meet her baby girl. Baby Girl doesn't seem in any hurry. The rest of us are anxious to meet her! I've said it before and I will keep saying it, I love the invention of video chatting! We got to see Lydia putting her Pooh Bear night-night.(Putting a blanket on his back and patting him a smidge hard. Grin.)

Let's see....what else....?......

Nothing's coming to mind, so I'll hit Publish and get to that to-do list.

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