Friday, February 10, 2017

Bullet Points

"Okay, today I will sit down and write a blog post..."

...said me about a dozen times over the last two plus months since I last wrote. I have barely started about four posts and none seemed to get flowing, so none got published. I think that bullet points with brief, un-jointed thoughts with a brief summary of the last two months will work best. Here I go!!!

  •  We took a two week trip the end of December to the Midwest to see our kids. Oh, who am I kidding? It was really to see our grandkids! Our newest granddaughter was born eleven days before Christmas Day. She looks a lot like her mommy and that just melt's my heart. We spent a week at our daughter's house and then a week at our son's house. And now I feel obligated to insert some pictures of those sweet babies:
Annabelle Rose

Lydia Mae

Thomas Isaac

  • I miss those grandbabies so much it hurts. I am thankful for video chatting and being able to see and hear them through the computer. Whenever I see a baby at church or out and about I have a desire to grab that baby and love on it. I haven't done that, though. Probably a good thing. 
  • We finished off our long trip with celebrating my mom's 85th birthday. We flew back to North Carolina where they live now. We arrived there a day before the rest of the family. (Most of them were at the beach celebrating New Year's.) As we waited for the rest of the family, on New Year's Day Hubby arranged to have lunch with his uncle who lives in the area and I had lunch with a childhood friend. (She and I met in the 6th grade. We have been out of touch for 30ish years and just recently discovered each other again. Imagine my surprise to learn she lives near my parents! It's been so good to get reacquainted!)
  • I really do like the weather here in South Carolina. When the weather turns from a nice 70s to a "cold" 50s? Eh, not so bad! We had ONE weekend of snow and ice. I can deal with that! It was -6 when we landed in Iowa in December! Brrrr!  
  •  Hubby and I celebrated my birthday in early January with a couple day stay at a downtown hotel. It was kinda fun to pretend we were somewhere else, but not be far from home.  We discovered a yummy taco place that serves THE best lime gelato I have ever had! Hubby was sweet and spoiled me with lots of presents and dinner out and I thoroughly enjoyed video chat sessions with both kids.
  • The end of January we had a wonderful reunion with some friends from college days. We all arranged to meet at my sister's beach house in North Carolina. It was such a fun weekend of reconnecting, memories and sharing about our lives in the years since college.  Two of us girls were bridesmaids in the other girl's wedding. I roomed with one of the girls for two years, the other two girls roomed together for a year. Hubby and one of the guys shared an apartment. I met one of the guys when he followed my roommate back to our dorm room. Did you follow all that? We all met in InterVarsity Christian Fellowship.

  • I have subscribed to Shipt and order my groceries through an app on my phone and have them delivered TO MY HOUSE. Amazing! Grocery shopping has grown to be one of my least favorite jobs over the years and I have enjoyed handing it off to someone else. The $49 subscription fee has been more than worth it.
  • I am finishing up Annabelle's quilt this weekend. I have loved making quilts for my grandbabies over the last two plus years, but I am excited to make some quilts just for me. I'm working on plans for a really bright one.
Well, I think that's all I can come up with for now. Hopefully posts will be more frequent from now on...


  1. Life sounds sweet Judy! You need to come to the lake for lunch one day. Most importantly, where did you have gelato : )

  2. I look forward to seeing a picture of that quilt you are making for YOU when it's done!