Wednesday, October 28, 2015

What in the World?

Something happened last night that I just do not understand. I stayed up until 1:20am. (Okay, that's not so terribly weird since I am a night-owl) The really weird thing is that I stayed up to watch a baseball game that lasted FIVE hours. And the last hour was by myself because hubby had to get some sleep.

If you know me in real life, you know I am not a sports fan. Not at all. But for some unexplained reason I get pretty excited about watching a playoff game, IF it involves a team I like.  (And if it's not football, because, yuck.)

And by "team I like", I mean a team that Hubby cheers for because I don't have my own opinion about sports teams. Ha.

Hubby grew up 45 minutes west of Kansas City and his aunt lived in Kansas City and took him to Kansas City royals games when he was a little boy. He would listen to games late at night in bed on a transistor radio under the covers. Ever since, he has been a Royals fan. Then ever since Hubby and I started dating, I have been a Royals fan. Here we are at a game in 1985:

Yes, please, go ahead and laugh out loud. We'd been married a whole year at this point. I think this was the second Royals game I had been to. That doesn't count the number of times we listened to games on the radio. 

We took the kids to Royals games when they were growing up. They are Royals fans now, too.

I think this was the game we had to buy a ridiculously over-priced golf towel with the Royals logo on it for poor little Megan to actually be able to sit on the hot stadium seat without burning her little legs.

Megan bought this little onesie last year when she found out she was having a girl.

Here I sit tonight watching Game 2. What in the world is wrong with me???

(I do like spending the time with Hubby and learning about something he loves.)


  1. I did not laugh. I admired :)

    the KC royals have just been another string running through this generations-long love story!

  2. Maybe you'll become a fan, too. I'm a fan of the cross-state team. Too bad we couldn't face up in the World Series ... the Cardinals need a little revenge for 1985. Ha!