Sunday, October 25, 2015


A couple of months ago we got an email from our daughter, Megan, telling us about an idea she and her husband had for a family celebration. Shortly after our granddaughter was born they realized that she (our granddaughter) had seven living great-grandparents. Our daughter and son-in-law decided that this needed to be celebrated and photographed, so out went the invitations and plans were made and plane tickets were bought. (well, only by Hubby and me because everyone else lives within 75 miles of our daughter.)

Megan fixed a yummy lunch for all of us. Let me tell you, that girl is a wonderful cook! She made two different kinds of soup (one with chicken that they raised on their farm), two kinds of homemade bread, along with a fruit salad and apple crisp and ice cream for dessert.

The dishes are from my in-laws. They bought them in Japan almost 60 years ago when they were first married.

After lunch we all trooped outside to take the historic photos.

Lydia with her parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents.

Lydia and her SEVEN great-grandparents.

Why was Lydia smiling so cutely? This is what she was looking at:


I just love this one of my dad holding Lydia. Four generations in this photo.

Hubby and his parents. And Charley. The dog had to get in on the action. Four generations. (Plus the dog.)

Our son-in-law with his dad and grandparents. Four generations.

Son-in-law with his mom and grandmother. Four generations.

The star of the day! I am crazy about those two little teeth!

It was a really good day, the weather was beautiful and Lydia was sweet. I am thrilled we got to document all this family for Lydia to look back on one day.


  1. Wow ... that's quite an accomplishment. I love the photos commemorating that. My grands have only 1 living great grandparent (my parents were the only two living when the first 2 grands were born). And those two teeth - adorable!

  2. I love how the "Family Tree" is shown in the first photo! Great job! Lydia is very blessed!

  3. this is astonishing! what a wonderful gift from God to have so many living grandparents! I told Megan that it should have been on the front page of the Applington newspaper.