Monday, October 26, 2015

A Few More Pictures of the Generations

I thought I would post a few more pictures from the generations party for Lydia.

My father-in-law sat down on the couch with his great-granddaughter and started making faces at her. She was intrigued.

And she thought he was silly.

 As I watched this silliness, I suddenly flashed back about 25 years to this:

  Some things never change! Ha ha ha!

 My mother-in-law enjoyed some Lydia time, as well.

My mom, enjoying a beautiful October day on the farm.

 My sister-in-law drove my in-laws to the celebration and was roped into being the photographer so we had to get a picture with her great-niece (or is it grand-niece???)

These cattle showed up on the farm the weekend we were visiting and between them bellowing because of their new surroundings and Ralph The Rooster crowing to prove to his hens that he was boss, it was not a quiet weekend on the farm. I didn't get a picture of Ralph because he was hiding in the asparagus with the hens. 

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  1. I chuckled at the picture of your FIL making faces to two different generations. ;-)