Friday, April 24, 2015

Time For Catch-Up

One of my goals in starting this new blog is to document our life in South Carolina. Neglecting to write for more than two weeks is not quite meeting that goal. Let's see if I can catch-up with a list.
1. Two weeks ago I was thrilled to be able to fly back to Iowa to spend a long weekend with my daughter, son-in-law and this sweet baby girl:
So much cuteness!! A piece of my heart is on that Iowa farm with this sweet baby. I know, I know. In 6 weeks I have turned into one of those grandmothers. No apologies. Grin.

2. I was in Iowa for a meet the new baby shower that was attended by extended family.
These are a couple of my favorite pictures of from the shower.
My in-laws.

My parents.
Great-grand parents. Lydia has seven living great-grandparents. How cool is that?

3. We are still in a holding pattern back in South Carolina. We have a lot of things scheduled and lined up for the next month. Things like painting, furniture delivery, kitchen cabinets being customized and hardwood floors being refinished.

4. After those things are done there will be lots more boxes unpacked and things actually organized and the house actually decorated.

5. We intended to spend a long weekend in Charleston, SC, but when the weather forecast was for lots of rain, we canceled the plan and did some shopping instead. We went to Charlotte, NC to IKEA and Crate & Barrel, made a stop in Hickory, NC and ordered an awesome bed for the guest room. Our final stop was in Asheville, NC where we intended on doing some sighting seeing, but I got a migraine and that thwarted plans. We ended up coming back home early. Phooey. That headache lasted three or four days. Yuck.

6. I don't wear makeup every day when I'm at home, but I have been on a quest to find a good full-coverage foundation. I even went to a store and let someone try makeup on me. I bought it and tried it a couple of times, but ended up returning it because it smelled weird. Like an old lady. Couldn't take it.

7. Hubby brought me home a rose yesterday. It's so pretty in this stemmed glass. (I haven't unpacked the box with vases yet.)

9. We made a trip to Lowe's last night. It seems as though any trip to Lowe's is actually two (or three) trips to Lowe's. You gotta look over the options, then go home to think about it or measure things and then go back for the purchases. Then there is inevitably another trip for something you forgot.

10. Gotta end this list with another Lydia picture. My daughter sent this to me last night.
Baby smiles. Eyes lighting up. Be still my heart.


  1. Thank you for the catch-up! You are so blessed! (Except for the migraine...) Make sure you get plenty of pictures of that darling Lydia with her great-grandparents (and grandparents, of course!).

  2. Sometimes life intervenes and keeps us too busy to check in on our blogs. Thanks for the catching up ... and for the pictures of sweet Lydia. She's adorable!

  3. It seems like Lydia has lots of Zach's looks, what do you think?