Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Settled In? Hardly!

Two weeks ago Monday, the moving truck delivered our household goods. Several people have asked if we are settled in to our house. I just laugh because we really are not at all. We still have about 12,876 boxes to unpack.

What the heck have we been doing?

We realized before the moving truck came that the wood floors that are in all the main floor rooms (except the bathrooms) are in very bad shape. It's only a nine year old house, but it's evident that 1) the builder cut corners with finishing the floors, and 2) the previous owners did nothing along the line of upkeep (of anything in the house). (And they left the house filthy.)

We have lined up someone to come refinish the floors but that won't happen until the end of April. In the meantime, we don't want to unpack too much stuff that we have to move again when that happens.

Yes, this is pretty frustrating. No, I don't do well living in chaos. When I fell stressed I like to quilt, but that's not possible right now because my sewing room is still in boxes. Sigh.

Hubby has been working like a madman to clean up and paint the garage. The previous owners smoked in the garage (and on the screened in porch) and it smelled terrible! Every time someone opened the door from the house to the garage, the smell wafted into the house. Ugh! So, dear, wonderful, hard-working Hubby has washed all the walls, prepped with Kilz paint and is now painting the garage. Since the walls are already divided into three areas: drywall, cinder-block base and a molding in between, he is painting it two shades of gray and the molding black. Even though he's not finished, it already looks so much better and the awful smoke smell is gone!

Anyone want to come in May to help me set up the kitchen? I look at all my stuff and I look at the kitchen and freeze. Not my strong suit. It takes me a while to figure out how to make it function.

We left our house in Minnesota on Christmas Eve. It will be more than five months from that point before we feel like we are settled in to our new house. Sigh.

I decided a good way to deal with the stress of a chaotic house is to leave! Mature way to handle it, huh? I'm flying to Iowa this weekend to see my granddaughter (and her parents)! Yippee! Can't wait to hold that precious little sweetie! I hope to see my parents while I'm there, too!


  1. Moving can be very stressful, so I can empathize. I really feel for you. Hope the next phase of transition goes smoothly...enjoy your time with your new granddaughter!

  2. I know moving too well...but here's the best advice I received (from my sister) regarding setting up a kitchen: Live in it for a while to see how it works, and don't be afraid to move things around. Those are YOUR cupboards, drawers, and countertops. Only YOU can make them work the way YOU need them to. (But if you want to fly me out, I'd be glad to help you organize and reorganize it....) Enjoy your weekend with Lydia...and the rest of the family!