Friday, March 6, 2015

Baby Girl Quilts: Take One

Almost as soon as I learned I was going to be a grandma, I started thinking about what quilt I could make for the little one. Okay, that's not quite true, I started thinking about this first quilt before my daughter was married. Grin.

This measures about 58" square

The solid purple color is fabric from table runners I made for my daughter's wedding reception.

As I was sewing those forty-some table runners almost five years ago, I hoped that someday my daughter and son-in-law would have a baby girl so I could use all that purple fabric in a quilt.

The fabrics in this quilt are kinda eclectic, kinda by design. I didn't want this to be a super nice quilt with lots of details. My intention was for it to be more utilitarian, one they could feel free take outside on their farm for Baby Girl to squirm on while they work in their garden. 

I found the fabric with little quilt blocks at a quilt shop in Iowa. It lists the counties in Iowa. I thought it was fitting, since my daughter and son-in-law have moved back to his family farm in Iowa.

The backing consists mostly of the solid purple fabric and one strip of the Iowa county fabric.

And of course the label, With Love from Grammy and Pops. (These are names we chose for ourselves...I secretly hope Baby Girl comes up with her own names for us.)


  1. What a cute quilt - full of special fabrics. We chose our names for our grands ... and by the time they were old enough to call us anything, they'd heard the names we'd chosen so often that they called us that (Nana and Papa). And each and every one of them (about the time when they were 2 y.o.) has had to correct a friend who called me Kathy ... "her name isn't Kathy, her name is Nana". Even at the swim meets, the parents know me as Nana. ;-)

  2. Love it, Judy!! You aren't the only one dreaming of grandbaby quilts, I'm sure!! Totally love the Iowa touch!