Friday, December 4, 2015

The Post About Thanksgiving

Again, I've been hoping my laptop would be better so I could blog and post some pictures from Thanksgiving, but alas, it is not. It will not stay connected to the Internet for anything. Hubby had someone at his work look at it and they thought they had fixed it, but it is still acting the same. Phooey. So I'll just make do with no pictures. And figure out someplace to take my laptop...

We spent Thanksgiving week in Missouri. Hubby's side of family throws a big family reunion every three years. A cousin works and lives at a Bible camp in central Missouri that is just the perfect place for a family reunion! Lots of lodging, a big kitchen, outdoors to play in. It's a great group of people and I am thankful that I am related to them all.

I will admit that one of my favorite things about the reunion was getting lots and lots of granddaughter time. Lydia is 8.5 months old and a bundle of sweetness and fun. She smiles at everybody and makes the cutest faces. I don't know how it's possible, but my heart fills with more love for her every time I am with her.

(Imagine several pictures of sweet baby-ness.)

It was a good week away with time spent with both of the kids, extended family and even pizza with old friends.

Unfortunately, we both came home sick. Saturday as we were leaving the camp, I started feeling like I was getting a cold. When they tell you that flying with a cold can be uncomfortable, believe it. The descent into Atlanta was brutal on my ears.  I now fully sympathize with babies crying during take-off and landing. I also now understand why my kids didn't seem to hear me when they were little and had an ear infection. Sunday night when we got back to South Carolina and I was in the car, I had to ask my hubby if the car was running because I couldn't hear it running. Thankfully, by Monday morning, my ears felt better.

The summary of the week is: pajamas and tissues (I'm on my third box). Oh, and coughing, lots of coughing. And take-out.

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