Tuesday, August 25, 2015


We had a pretty intense two weeks after our anniversary trip the end of July. Why? Because: COMPANY! For FOUR days we got to love on this little sweetie:

Oh yeah, and her mom and dad, too!

Before they flew in we spent a solid two weeks trying to put the finishing touches on the house. I like to decorate, but it takes me quite a while to get it "just right". The kitchen cabinets are really tall and have empty space on top, so I wanted to put some things up there. I had to use the step ladder to reach. Once I managed to slip as I was coming down and ended up with bruises on both shins and the arch of my left foot. Sigh.  Hubby spent a lot of evenings hanging somewhere around 496* pictures and quilts on the walls. And there are about 392* more pictures downstairs.

(*slight exaggeration)

We did a pretty good job on finishing things up, but have a little more to go. The house looks pretty good...just don't look in a few closets or that one room in the basement or my sewing room.

Then all of a sudden the day came for our visitors! Lydia (my granddaughter) did pretty well on the plane ride from Iowa. I think she loved all the attention from her mommy and daddy.

We very much enjoyed having our daughter, Megan, and her family. We tried to show them a bit of our new town and give them a feel for it.

We played:

Ate lunch downtown and walked along Main Street.

 Someone got a really good view point!

 We played:

We went swimming in our neighborhood pool:

Lydia loved the water!

Lydia played and laughed on one of Grammy's quilts.

I got so caught up in playing with Lydia a few times that supper ended up being later than I intended. Oops. :)

One evening we sent Megan and Zach out on a date and Grammy and Pops got to babysit. We all had a good time. We loved the one-on-one time with Lydia!

We spent Saturday morning at the Farmer's Market. This grammy sure did enjoy pushing that stroller with that little sweetheart in it!

Thank you so much for coming to visit us!

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  1. Aww, what a little doll she is! Those 4 days probably rank pretty high up on the all-time-best-days-ever list.