Friday, July 24, 2015

Peach Pie

I am a huge fan of fresh peaches. How lucky am I to live in South Carolina where peaches are actually grown? I bought a bag of them recently and we devoured most of them fresh, but I just had to make a peach pie. It's a summer requirement.

Fresh peach pie is my all time favorite pie. But there is only one recipe I really like. My mom's. Funny thing is, I don't remember my mom ever making this pie herself. I remember her teaching me how to make it. I remember her teaching me how to dip the peaches in boiling water for a few seconds in order to slip the fuzzy skins off, and how to roll out the pie crust.

I am still figuring out the details of running the new-to-me appliances in this house. I thought I had turned the oven down after the initial 10 minutes at 450 degrees, but realized about 40 minutes later when the topping wasn't browning, that I had turned the oven off! Thankfully, it wasn't ruined and after the oven heated back up to 350 degrees, it browned nicely.  (Maybe I need to actually read the directions for the oven...)

 Oh man, now I am hungry!

Open Face Peach Pie
7 ripe peaches
1 1/4 c sugar
2/3 c flour
1/4c. Butter
Crumb sugar flour and butter. Mix with peaches. Put in unbaked shell. Save some crumbs for top.
450* 1st 10 min. 350* for 30 min.
 (Minimalistic directions, but that's how my mom wrote out her recipes. Several of them just have a list of ingredients with no explanation or directions. She was an awesome cook.)

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  1. There are a lot of peach orchards about an hour or two north of here, but the growers pick the peaches way too green ... they just don't ripen properly when picked so green. I miss fresh, sweet, tree-ripened peaches. Seeing that pie has made my mouth water.