Monday, June 15, 2015

The Weekend

Hubby and I took a little road trip on Saturday. He was told about a little town in northern Georgia, called Helen, that has cute shops and restaurants. Along the way we stopped at a Farmer's Market stand and bought some tomatoes, a watermelon and some Georgia Peaches.
Somehow buying Georgia Peaches in Georgia just seemed right. I love fresh peaches and really want to make a peach pie, but I haven't found my recipe box in the unpacking yet so I don't have the recipe. (I should insert here how anxious I am about not finding my recipe box. It would be a disaster to loose 31 years worth of recipes collected.)

As we approached our destination, we got stuck in a traffic back up. We figured out that it would take us awhile to get into Helen and we were hungry, so we turned around to have lunch at a pizza place we spotted along the way.

The pizza was very good...

But the popcorn they served while we waited was amazing...

I have no idea what made it so good, but we devoured two bowls of this. It reminded me of popcorn popped in my parents' really old popcorn popper.

Our lunch spot was less than two miles from Helen, but it took us 30 minutes to finally get onto town only to realize there was a Shriner's parade going on which explained the forty billion people trying to get into town. We decided it wasn't worth trying to fight the crowds, so we decided to not explore the town that day.

We took a small detour on the way back home to see this college campus. 

A sweet friend went to school here a number of years ago, so we thought we'd give the campus a look. This friend and her little family live in China loving people there for God. You can read her blog here.

 It was a very pretty and very small campus.

We were back home in time to slice up some of the tomatoes we bought for the summer's first BLTs. 

I love BLTs, but I cannot stand the smell of bacon in the house for days afterwards. I had a brainstorm about cooking the bacon. I put eight slices of thick cut bacon in my biggest cast iron skillet and put it on the grill outside. It worked wonderfully! The bacon cooked nice and crispy like we like it and the smell stayed outside!!!

Sunday morning we visited yet another church that didn't seem like a good fit, went out for BBQ for lunch and came home to unpacked a bazillion boxes. I have unpacked every box that was labeled "kitchen" but still have not found my recipe box. Because of that and because I unpacked a box that was labeled "living room" and had pillows from the couch and three small shelves from the basement bathroom, I have to conclude that the recipe box is probably in a box marked "garage" or something equally absurd. Whenever the recipe box is found, there will be much rejoicing on my part (and probably on Hubby's part as well since he won't have to listen to me whine about it anymore).

This week's goals for me are getting the pantry in order, unpacking a box from my desk and finding a place for all those things, organizing a bookcase in our bedroom and getting a pedicure. Lofty goals for sure.

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  1. Sure hope you find that recipe box - and a church home. Now my mouth is watering for a BLT with peaches for dessert!